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The admissions process at Asland Academy is personal, focused on each individual child and family, and is designed to ensure that all the boys and girls, whether boarders or day children, local or from overseas, who join the School are able to be happy, successful and secure within Worth's unique academic, pastoral and spiritual community. Boys and girls can join us from the ages of 2.5 to 6 years old.


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If your child has been accepted but we don't currently have space for them, we will add them to our waiting list. However, we can only do so if we have received their completed application and deposit cheque. 

As soon as a space becomes available, we will notify you of the opening and you will have 5 business days to confirm acceptance. You will need to do this by submitting an acknowledgement. During this time, we will also cash your deposit cheque.

If we do not receive your acknowledgement within the 5 days, we will offer the space to the next applicant on the waiting list.

Playing instrucments

Step 1: Explore Asland Academy

To learn more about Asland Academy, please visit our website and book a private tour by clicking the Book a Tour button below. Then we can have more opportunity to know more about your child and your family.

Step 2: Apply 

To submit the application, simply click on the Registration Button below.

Step 3: Welcome Package

As soon as your child receives an offer, we will send you a welcome package with instructions on how to complete their enrollment.

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