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Classroom Set up/ Setting


Asland means Lion, which symbolizes strength, courage, and integrity.

Asland Academy

Asland Academy is a junior kindergarten that employs the Reggio Emilia Approach to teaching. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students to learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge and engage students so that they reach their fullest potential.

We are a community of passionate educators, dedicated to preparing our students for success in school and in life. Our mission is to create a joyful journey both in education and in life for our students.

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Our philosophy

At Asland Academy, each child's individuality is respected. At Asland, we emphasize each child's multifaceted development in life. At Asland, creativity and curiosity are promoted. At Asland, each child can express themselves and explore eagerly. The children will grow into little scientists and investigators who are eager to take the initiative in understanding our world. Their confidence will grow as their minds gain more knowledge.


Besides being a community built by the children who live and participate here, Asland Academy is also a place where children of different ages help one another. Everyone learns to take care of themselves as well as their friends, colleagues, and colleagues. In addition to their self-esteem and awareness, each child will be able to express themselves courageously, regardless of their diverse backgrounds.


Children at Asland Academy are given the chance to try new things and learn from our teachers. They can withdraw from an activity whenever they're ready to move on. In some ways, it's similar to brewing. Continued use of our specially made equipment and materials helps improve concentration, making it easier for the child's mind to broaden and expand their worldview.


Children will have the opportunity to explore and breathe in the beauty of Vancouver from within the Academy. In every session, children will learn about the environment that we live in and how to preserve it. In addition to teaching our students to appreciate the wonderful creation of Mother Earth, we also teach them how to preserve and share its beauty.


Academic learning is another focus of Asland Academy on the development of its children. As with the different tasks the children participate in, academic learning is also scheduled and tailored to meet each child's needs and strengths. Our small class size provides teachers with focused attention to each child’s growth and paves the way in preparation for bigger challenges.


With love, kindness, and resolve, the children of Asland Academy will be independent citizens of the world. Through our specially designed curriculum, they will learn how to advance their social, physical, intellectual, cognitive, and emotional skills, so they will be able to succeed in the future.


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