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At Asland Academy, we believe in a balanced education experience, between academics and social development. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where students feel encouraged to learn and grow. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and engage students so they can reach their fullest potential. We offer compassion in instruction, making sure every student is ready for success both in school and life.

We are a community of passionate educators, dedicated to preparing our students for success in school and in life. Our mission is to create a joyful journey in education and in life for our students.

Asland Academy

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Loris Malaguzzi
Reggio Emilia

"We value space, to create a handsome environment and its potential to inspire social, affective and cognitive learning.  The space is an aquarium that mirrors the ideas and values of the people who live in it"
- Loris Malaguzzi

Reggio-Inspired Programs

Makedo, Open-ended, hands on, Practical

Open-ended Practical Projects

Early Literacy, literacy

Early Literacy

Indigerous Education

Indigenous Education

outdoor education

Outdoor Education


Joint Co-circular Adctivites

Welcome to  
Asland Academy


We Value Your Time and Effort

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